Hbuds H12 Fast Wireless Charging Pad Review

Today I’ll be reviewing a Wireless Qi charger from Hbuds. Their H12 is about the right price, but is it worth it over the competition?

In the box

Included with the H12 you get

  • The charging pad
  • One Type C to Type A USB cable
  • The documents


The included cable is very good, it’s braided fabric that looks and feels much nicer than the usual soft touch coated cables. It’s just over 1m in length which could be an issue for some as it may not be long enough to reach some higher places. If you just have the pad on a nightstand or bedside cabinet then it should be fine. Of course, if it’s not long enough you could always buy a longer third-party cable, just make sure that it can support fast charging. This one from Blitzwolf is a great option if you do need that extra length.


Design and Build


Size: 94mm∅ x 10mm thick

Given the sheer number of wireless Qi enabled charging pads out there it can be difficult to stand out. I think the H12 does offer something a bit different to the usual offerings and that is a good thing. The H12 is all Black and constructed from surprisingly premium materials for the price point of £18.


The base of the H12 is one piece of solid metal and it feels ultra solid. Usually, at this price, you may get a bit of metal and mostly plastic, here it’s predominately metal. The base is finished in a stealthy Black that has a bit of shimmer to it in the right light.


At the front of the base, there is a single power LED that lets you know when the Qi charger is powered on and when the charge is in progress. At the opposite side, there is a solitary Type C port for charging.

Underneath the base, there is some information as well as four rubber feet. The rubber feet are a little on the small side but they actually do a good job of preventing the pad from moving around on slick surfaces.


The top section features a faux plastic leather with a simple bit of branding in the centre. This looks really tasteful and a bit more upmarket than some of the similarly priced competition. Downside is that it’s quite slippery and if you have a glass backed phone it can slide off easily if the surface its placed on is all but flat.


Overall the H12 is an extremely well-made charger that looks much classier than most of the competition. It’s just a shame that the top covering is so slippery and can cause issues with some devices.


In use

Using the H12 daily has been a bit of a mixed experience, to say the least. This, of course, may not affect you but here is what I experienced.


Because the floors in my room aren’t perfectly level, nothing is and I’ve tried my best to make everything totally flat but I have failed. This means that when I was using the charger my Elephone U Pro would slowly but surely start to slide across the top surface. It wasn’t a quick slip and you’ll miss it, it was more snail-paced. But if you leave your phone for a few hours on a surface that isn’t entirely flat then it might just have wandered off. Again this may not impact you, but just keep this in mind if your surfaces aren’t flat.


This kind of spoils the whole “put your phone down and forget about it” which is the best thing about chargers like this. So you have to be more cautious about where the pad is located. This for me is an issue as I have to keep an eye on my phone and make sure it doesn’t end up on the floor. Again it may not affect you but it does make this charger less than convenient.

On the plus side, you can charge your phone with a case which is great as not all Qi chargers can do that. It will work with cases under 3mm thick, so if you’re rocking a thick heavy duty case then you’ll need to remove it. Also if the case is metal it won’t work either. So this plus side of the case charging compatibility is great if you have a thin TPU or silicone one.


Charging performance


  • 10W fast charge for compatible Samsung devices
  • 7.5W fast charge for iPhone
  • QC 2.0 / 3.0 compatible
  • Input: DC5V / 2.0A DC9V / 2.0A Max
  • Transmission distance is 5-8mm
  • Wireless charging conversion rate ≥72%
  • Charging frequency: 110-205 KHz

For testing I used the Elephone U Pro which is Qi enabled but doesn’t have fast wireless charging. The U Pro has a 3550mAh battery for reference. The main charger used for this test was the Anker Powerport 5.

Standard quick charge = 1 hour 31 minutes from 15% to full.

H12 wireless = 4 hours 10 minutes from 15% to full.

So you can see that the H12 is very slow when compared to the standard wired quick charge. I’m not entirely sure why this is as the Doca Qi charger I reviewed was quite a lot faster. It’s possibly due to the fact that the U Pro isn’t 100% compatible with this charger and can’t use it to its full potential. However the U Pro isn’t fully compatible with the Doca and that was still faster, so maybe there is something else at fault.

Now I can’t say that this will be the same for everyone and if you have either an iPhone X or newer Galaxy then you’ll be experiencing the charger at its peak potential. If like me and you don’t have a fast charge enabled device then this one is very slow. Again maybe there is an issue with the charger that is causing this problem. I can rule out the phone as it works fine with the other Qi chargers I use and has had no problems with others in the past.

If you do have an iPhone X, 8 Plus or 8 then you can expect charging times in the ball park of

  • iPhone 8 = 144 minutes (2.4 hours)
  • iPhone 8 plus = 180 minutes (3 hours)
  • iPhone X = 180 minutes (3 hours)



The H12 is a hit and miss product. On the plus side, it’s probably one of the nicest I’ve ever seen and it’s extremely well made. The downside is the slippery top surface that could cause some problems for a few of you out there and the other downside is the slow charging for none quick charge enabled devices. Now I get that this is designed for phones with that feature, but so was the Doca and that provided a much better charging experience. Again there could be an issue with the sample I got so the experience may not occur for you.

Overall it’s a good charger, but it has one too many drawbacks that prevent it from being a must buy. If you can see past the small issues and you have a phone with fast charging then it does make more sense and it would be worth it. If you don’t, then I’d look at an alternative that will save you a bit of money.

Score 6.5/10

Purchase one here via Amazon UK.

Hbuds H12 Wireless Fast Charging Pad


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