BenQ WiT Genie Review


If you want a new light and are after something a little bit different, BenQ might just have the product for you. The BenQ WiT Genie.

In the box

With the WiT Genie you get supplied with

  • A Power adapter
  • The main lamp body
  • Power plug converters (UK, Australia/China, x2 EU)
  • Hex key and mounting screws
  • Pedestal base and arm
  • User guide

This is everything you need to get the light up and running. It’s also a nice touch to get a few different adapters for different countries as well. This means if you ever moved abroad you wouldn’t need to be a third party adapter or a whole new light.


Putting together the WiT was really straight forward and took less than five minutes. First you take the lamp body and insert the notch into the top slot of the arm. Once aligned you then have to hold it in place whilst screwing it in the supplied hex key and screws. After that is complete you can then route the cable down the cable management cut out. This does take a bit of effort to get it to go in correctly. Also be sure to leave a bit of slack at the top so you can still move the lamp body around freely. The last step is to place your chosen adapter onto the mains power adapter and connect that to the cable from the lamp body.

Overall it’s a very straight forward process and should only take you around five or so minutes if that.

Design and Build

The Wit Genie has to be one of the most stylish lamps I’ve seen. The lamp body has a lovely curve and the design is really clean and modern. It comes in a few different colour variants too. I have the Pink model but it comes in Blue, Green, Silver and Gold, these all look equally nice and the colour finish is superb. I do wish that it came in Black to match my setup, but at least you have a good selection of colours to choose from.

colour options


The main lamp body is made from a combination of an Aluminium alloy and high quality plastic that feel really premium. The colouring effect is really nice too, it has a slight shimmer to it and is almost akin to a sand blasted finish. The colour is also quite vibrant and depending on the location of it, it could be a real focal point of your desk.


On the top section of the lamp body is a adjustment dial, this again is made from metal and plastic and feels really good. The rotation is smooth and the button press is nice and tactile. Mounted just behind that is a secondary controller that allows you to switch the light on and off as well some other nifty features too.


Underneath the lamp body there is a ball head swivel adjustment that allows the light section to be moved almost 360 degrees. This means that you have tonnes of flexibility to move the light source to suit your setup and your needs. Also on the underside is a large plastic section that acts as a diffuser to the main light source. This helps soften the light so it’s not harsh. Finally there is an ambient light sensor located here too.

The arm of the light is made from Aluminium which is coated in a White protective paint. The arm feels solid, sturdy and it should last a very long time. The arm is approximately 45cm long and it can be moved from it’s standard 90 degree upright position to 45 degrees forward. This again gives you some scope for adjustment to suit your needs.

The built-in cable is very thick, feels extremely durable and very well made. Plus it’s long too which means you should be okay if your mains is quite a distance away from your setup. Downside to the cable is it’s thickness. This could make managing the cable quite tricky just due to how thick it actually is. The end is also very well made and features some good strain relief.


Finally to the base and this is again made form metal and plastic. The underside and main construction are metal with it being surrounded by a plastic outer casing. The base has a diameter of 20cm and is 1.3cm thick. This means that you do need a bit of room to accommodate the light as the base does take up a lot of room. If you don’t have the space I’d suggest looking at the BenQ Screenbar. That attaches to your monitor and barely takes up any room at all. Back to the base now and there is a bit of branding on it which is very subtle and tasteful.


Overall the WiT Genie is a very stylish light that would look right at home in any modern setup or living space. The build is top notch as you’d expect from a product that costs £119.

Features, Lighting and In use



The first main feature is the Arc, this is the curvature of the lamp body that you see, not only is it nice to look at but it also helps distribute the light output up to 150% wider than traditional style LED lights. This basically means that the light coverage is better across your desk and I have to say that it works great. It covers all my desk from the side wall all the way to my PC which is 110cm away. The light is nice and even as well. It’s a little fuller towards the base but the coverage is still great all to the very end.

Lighting wise the range is between 5700K (Cool white) to 2700K (warm white). The steps in between these end points are really plentiful. You get 9 steps of variation which is plenty to find the right spot for your environment. The variation between the temps isn’t massive, but you do notice a slight difference. To change the lighting effects you use the main dial on top of the light body. You turn the dial either anti-clockwise or clockwise to adjust the temps.

To adjust the brightness you press the dial and then rotate it to change the level of output you want. The output range is pretty vast and it goes from pretty dim to very bright. The actual maximum output is 900lm in the 5700K and 800lm in the 2700K colour temp. Between the min and max brightness you get 12 steps different levels of output. Again this is great to make the right adjustment for you.

I use the warm light in the evening with the brightness set to approximately 50% and that is perfect for me. During the day I use a cooler temp as it is meant to boost focus and productivity. I have this set a bit lower as it does get bright in the cooler spectrum. But again you have a big range to tailor the output and temp to your preference and needs.

It also has a smart e-reading function. The back switch that is your on/off switch also allows you to toggle this mode. You simply power on the light by touching it once and then pressing and holding the switch for two seconds. You’ll notice that the light colour and brightness adjusts to give you optimal lighting for e-reading. You should also notice a green light that comes on, this just lets you know that the smart mode is working and active. To turn off this mode you simply rotate the dial. This feature is also light dependent and it uses the ambient light sensor to detect how much light is already present. This then adjusts the lighting output and colour temp to suit the current surroundings. Again this works great and every time I used it, it just give me a real nice level of light that wasn’t too bright nor too dim.

One other cool feature it has is built in memory. This automatically remembers the last settings you have so that when you turn the light back on it will come on with the last settings you used. This works great and it saves you time as you don’t have to set it up again.

Other technologies and features used include, flicker-free LEDs that don’t have any micro flickers that are unstable and could potentially cause eye fatigue. This means that the WiTs LEDs are stable and don’t cause any fatigue at all. The max power consumption is 18W (at peak brightness), the colour rendering index (CRI) is >80 and this is how accurate the colours produce are. The higher the number the more accurate the colour reproduction is on the light. Above 85 is considered good at rendering true colour.

There is some features that I would have liked to have seen and one of those is a USB output. It would have been great to be able to charge my phone off the light as it’s plugged in. Some much more affordable lights have this feature and I’m not entirely why it’s missing from here. Another nice addition would be Qi charging, this isn’t important as the USB output but from a high end desk light it would have made the feature set even more impressive.


Using the light daily has been a joy, the controls are easy to use and after initial setup it was very straight forward and quick to make any adjustments that I needed. Plus the range of movement this offers is superb and you can move it closer or further from you depending on what you need. The only real downside is the sheer size of the thing. The base takes up a lot of room on my desk and well I get that it has too, but it does take up a considerable amount of real estate. If it was multi-purpose and had the included Qi charging or USB output, then the space could be utilised instead of being wasted. Sure you could rest your phone there, but if you could do that, why not include wireless charging too.


Well £119 might seem a lot for a light and it is, it’s not exactly a no-brainer decision and it’s definitely a considered purchase but in my opinion it is almost worth it. The design is clean, modern and look great. The build quality is top notch, the in-use features and technologies implemented are really impressive, but I’m still struggling to find the value. Yes the lighting is probably the best I’ve ever encountered but it’s missing some basic features like a USB output and it’s overall size is huge.

So it is easily the best desk light I’ve ever used, but at it’s price point I think it is a bit too much. If it were in the £70 to £80 region then it would have been perfect, but as it’s over £100, I think it’s a bit too expensive. If you can afford and justify it, then you will still get a brilliant experience, it just won’t be great value for money.

If it had the Qi charging wireless feature, then I would say the price point would be more acceptable and it would be a much better value product. As is, it’s a bit too pricey and that could rule this great product out for a lot of people.

Score 8/10

Pick one up here via Amazon UK

BenQ WiT Genie e-Reading LED Desk Lamp


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