Doca Qi 10W Wireless Charger Review

If you aren’t a fan of wired charging and you’re after a good wireless one, would the DOCA Qi Fastcharge be the right one to choose?

In the box

With the Doca you get included the charger and manuals. This is pretty much everything you’ll need to get started.


Design and Build


  • Dimensions: 98mm ø x 8mm (diameter & height)
  • Weight: 89g (without cable) 102g (with cable)

The Doca uses a circular design that is quite common among the ever growing population of QI chargers. But it manages to make it self stand out by using a blend of materials that gives it a look of its own.


It’s made in a layer style construction with the top section utilising rubber, plastic and Aluminium. The middle core section is solid plastic and finally the bottom section is partially rubberised. This makes it feel pretty robust. Downside to the build is the top section which is plastic and it has a small amount of flex when compressed.


The rubberised ring on the top and underside not only add to the aesthetics but they also serve a purpose. The top ring acts as an anti-slip area for your phone, so if you have a smartphone that sports a glass back, this will stop it from moving around and sliding off. Downside to this is that it attracts a lot of dust and lint so keeping it clean can be a bit of a chore. The bottom ring has a similar job that it’s there to prevent the charger from moving around when on a slippery surface.

The only other things of note are the built in LED indicator that is quite useful and also the non-removable cable. The LED has one main job and that is to let you know when the charging is working correctly. The built in cable though could be an issue for some and not so for others, it depends on how you use it. The cable is really thick and feels like it will last, but with it being permanently attached, if it breaks, the charger will cease to work.

So the design is nice, it’s quite modern and clean looking. The build is mostly solid apart from the one small issue with the top section flex.

In use

Using the Doca daily has been a mixed experience. General use if the Doca is fine and having the rubber ring to stop your device from moving around is a nice touch. This is so helpful if you have a modern glass backed phone as we all know they are very slippery and often wonder off on their own.


This feature though creates its own issue and its all to do with charging your device with a case on. The issue is because of the ring and its extra height away from the main charging area. This means that your phone doesn’t make contact with the charging area. This is fine if you don’t use a case, but if you do, it may not always work. Thicker cases don’t work at all as it lifts your phone too far away from the base for it to charge. Now it did sometimes work with a very thin case, but you have to position it just right and other times it wouldn’t register at all. So it’s a bit hit or miss depending on what case you’re using.


Luckily it does have the handy LED feature that lets you know if the charge is working correctly. The LED glows Blue if the device isn’t positioned properly and it glows Green if everything is working as it should. This is a good time saving feature as with chargers like this, you simply drop it on and forget about it. Sometimes though you could not place the device correctly thus it doesn’t charge or it charges slower than it should. This feature pretty much eliminates that. However, not all chargers are fussy and you don’t have to worry about where you place it as long as it’s making contact. So this feature could be there to compensate for the design issue I mentioned above.

Charging performance


  • 5/10W – Qi fast charge enabled
  • Works with Quick charge 2.0 and 3.0
  • Input: DC 5V 2A / DC 9V 1.8A
  • Output: DC 5V 1A / DC 9V 1.2A
  • Efficiency: ≥72%
  • Safety protection for over-discharge, over-charge, over-voltage

For testing I used the Elephone U Pro which is Qi enabled but doesn’t have fast wireless charging. The U Pro has a 3550mAh battery for reference. The main charger used for this test was the Anker Powerport 5.

Standard quick charge = 1 hour 31 minutes from 15% to full.

Doca wireless = 2 hours 50 minutes from 15% to full.

So you can see that the Doca is a lot slower and took a full 1 hour 21 minutes more to charge. Keep in mind that the Elephone does not have fast wireless charging and if it did the results would have been different.

For example the new Samsung Galaxy S9+ which has a 3500mAh battery takes 1 hour 38 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%. From 0 to 15% it takes approximately 12 minutes, so taking that off the total brings the time down to 1 hour 26 minutes. Check out the video to see this in action.

From “Jimmy is Promo” YouTube channel

I’ve also heard from a Galaxy S9 owner (@officialMr-West) that it takes 1 hour 35 minutes from 0% to full using an Anker Qi charger. So you can see that the S9/S9+ does charge really quickly when using a fast charger. What is the point of this you maybe wondering. Well it will just give you a rough idea to how quick the Doca will charge a device that is fast wireless charging enabled. Of course times will vary from use to use and person to person depending on what you’re using to charge it and how you charge it, but again it gives you an indication of it’s potential when used with a device that can make the most of its features.


The conclusion to draw from this is that it’s very slow for non Qi fast charge enabled device and could potentially be 1 hour or so quicker for one that is. Of course it’s still quicker to charge wired, but with the new series of fast wireless charging that gap is getting smaller and smaller. So should you invest in a wireless charger?

Well, if you have a device that is compatible, you like the convenience and you hate having to plug your phone in, then, yes. If you don’t mind the plug in procedure or just simply don’t want to wait that bit longer, then it’s probably not for you.

So if wireless charging sounds likes it’s up your street, should the Doca be the one to choose? Well, probably not. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good product that is well made, looks nice and works decently. But if you do a quick browse on Amazon you can find similar chargers that do the same as this for less and it’s that reason why I can’t call this a must buy.

Score 6/10

Pick one up here via Amazon UK

DOCA Qi Wireless Charging Pad


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