XPG Infarex M10 Gaming Mouse And R1 Mouse Pad Combo Review

If you’re in the market for an RGB mouse and mouse mat, this budget combo from XPG could just be the ticket for you.

The Infarex M10 gaming mouse and R10 gaming mouse mat will set you back a grand total of £39. So whats the catch?

Design and Build

I’ll kick things off with the mouse first. The M10 is nice looking, its not over aggressive nor is it overly gamer looking. Its all Black and only features the XPG logo on the curved palm rest. That is pretty minimal, usually products like this have a splash of Red or some sort of design, but I’m really glad they’ve kept it clean. The finish is pretty nice too, its a smooth plastic and for the price it looks and feels pretty great. Another great point is that it doesn’t attract too much lint or dust and even after a fair while using it, it still looks clean.

On the front section is the left and right click which are very well separated and have a nice negative curvature to them. I’ll cover more on that further down in the review. These are covered in a smooth plastic texture and it feels pretty nice. Downside is that it does show up finger print grease quite quickly and its not that easy to remove.

In between the clicks is the scroll wheel, this is coated with a soft rubber and is nice and grippy. The scroll steps aren’t amazing and its not the smoothest but for the price its hard to complain. The press is pretty good and offers a good amount of feedback and responsiveness.


Behind the scroll wheel are the DPI switches, here you can switch between 4 different levels. The front buttons acts as a DPI+ and the rear acts as a DPI-, so you can change your DPI without having to cycle through all the settings on one button.The buttons though are really softly sprung and feel a bit mushy. The audible feedback upon a full press is a nice touch though. There is also a lot of sideways movement and they feel quite wobbly, this makes it hard to switch DPI if you really need to in game.


The left side of the mouse houses two thumb buttons which again are softly sprung, sluggish and not that impressive for gaming. I’ll cover more on that further down in the review though. On the plus side they’re large and easy to locate, its just a shame about the responsiveness. The side grip is pretty much none existent as its just smooth hard plastic. I get that its a budget mouse and it does show here. The right side remains clear with a nice open space to rest your ring finger.

The underside of the M10 features the sensor, some branding, product information and four feet. These do hold a lot of dust and aren’t exactly the smoothest.


Finally to the cable and surprisingly its fabric. At this price point its something I was not expecting but it does add that extra style and durability to it. I understand not everyone is a fan, but its a nice touch.


Overall build of the mouse is pretty impressive, its plastic but mostly good grade. There is minimal flex in the body and it feels well put together. Yes some of the buttons are a bit soft, but overall, not too bad for the price.

Onto the R10 mouse mat and this again is better made than the price it is at. The top surface is a scratch resistant PVC and is a little rough for my personal taste, but that is just my preference. Also on the surface is the XPG logo, which is translucent to allow the RGB to shine through.

Size wise it measures in at 350 x 250 x 3.6mm, so its a decent size and gives you plenty of room to move around.


Round the edge of the R10 is a plastic strip that again allows the RGB to be seen and creates a really nice border around the main surface.


At the top and also on the surface is a finger print, this is touch sensitive and allows you to control the lighting effects of the mouse pad. Its responsive and does its job perfectly well. Just above that is the part that houses all the electrical components to make the R10 RGB. This is not my preferred style nor placement. The design suits the the combo, but I wish that they would have made it Black instead of Red. I would have just blended in with the overall design more and not stuck out as much. Also the centrally mounted placement is an issue and causes some interference with the mouse cable. It would have been better if it was mounted on the left or right side of the mat.


The cable like the mouse is also fabric and measures in at 1.7m which is plenty long enough for most setups.


Underneath the R10 is the rubber anti slip pads. These are a little small and it shows. Again more on this further down in the review.


All together the R10 feels good, its solidly made and looks nice. Yes I personally am not a fan of the PVC surface and the placement or colour of the housing, but again you have to keep in mind the low cost of this combo and because of that, it exceeds what you’d expect.


The M10 is actually a pretty comfortable mouse. Its not as comfortable as my go to Mionix Castor, but its very comfortable. I use a palm style grip and it feels nice. The back curvature isn’t too steep or slopes of too quickly and is nicely rounded. Its also wide enough for my average sized hands. The bump isn’t overly elevated either so as not to create an arch in your grip.

Size wise its I would say a medium sized mouse. Its a touch longer than my castor but its not what I’d call massive. So if you have really big hands, this may be a little small for you, especially if you use a palm grip style. You could possibly get away with positioning your hand a bit further back, but this could cause fatigue in the long run.


The left and right click also are comfortable too. The negative curvature holds my fingers nicely and they don’t move around or slip off. They’re also quite wide too, so if you have wider fingers then you still should be comfortable.


The side grips are a decent size too and have a nice shape for your thumb and ring finger to rest. Downside is the lack of grip so you do have to hold the mouse a little tighter to get a solid grip on it.

Overall though if you have medium (average) sized hands its a comfortable mouse to use. The design is ergonomic and I haven’t had any fatigue issues switching over from my daily mouse.

The mouse pad is not something I thought I’d mention in the comfort section, but I am. The R10 does have one issue that does affect comfort and that is the edge. The edges of the R10 are quite sharp and when in use it does rub against my wrist and cause a bit of discomfort. Wearing a long sleeved top does eliminate this but in hotter places that might be a bit of an issue. Its by no means a deal breaker, but its something to consider.


RGB lighting

Onto everyones favourite topic, RGB. You either love it or hate it and if you’re looking at this combo I’m guessing you love it or you’re just looking for an affordable mouse and pad combo. Either way this thing has RGB a plenty.


Starting with the mouse first and there is some plus and minus points. The plus points are that the lighting is quite vivid and bright even under my BenQ desk light. The colours are nice and punchy and the effect is well nice. There are three main lighting areas, the main XPG logo, the underside (at the back) and the sides of the mouse. The right side seems to be better lit than the left, now I’m not sure if that is just my sample or if its a more common trait but its something I did experience.

The downside to the lighting is there appears to be no way of turning the RGB off. You can on the mouse mat, but not the mouse. So if you really don’t like RGB then this could be the big turn off for you. Another downside is there is only one RGB lighting pre set. I’ve tried every button, every button combo and the lighting will not change. It would have been great if there was a lighting button that allowed you to change to a static colour or change the effect but there isn’t. I searched on the main product page but didn’t find anything and there was no instruction manual with my sample, so maybe I am just missing something.

Onto the R10 and the lighting on here is again a mixed bag. With the R10 you can actually change the effect. There are 4 different options to choose from. The first being 7 different static colours, the second being a rainbow breathing effect, the third being a rainbow cycling effect and finally, simply, off.

The downside is how bright the RGB is, under my desk light the RGB is barely visible and you can hardly see it at all. Its only when you turn the light off to you get to appreciate the RGB in full. This is a shame as I have to use my desk light to work, but that may not impact your use of it.


If you’d like to see the RGB in action, check out the video

In use – Everyday

Using the combo everyday has been fine, for tasks like web browsing, editing documents, photo editing the combo is great. For web browsing the forward and back mouse buttons work good. Like mentioned above they do feel a bit soft but of tasks like this they are fine.

The scroll wheel is a of a mixed bag, the middle click is decent but the scrolling is not overly smooth and feels a bit rough. The small steps are nicely spaced and the page your browsing doesn’t jump massively which is a good thing. I just wish it was smoother. The left and right click are fine. For everyday tasks they work great and I honestly have had no issues with them.

The mouse mat surface also doesn’t really affect everyday either as you don’t really utilize rapid movement for basic tasks.


In use – Gaming

Gaming on the M10 is a mixed experience. The max DPI setting is 3200 and the minimum is 800 with steps of 1600 and 2400 in between. This is better than mice with steps of 1000, but still smaller incraments would’ve been nice. Personally I have between 400 – 1000 so to me the M10 is decent. I do wish the lowest DPI setting was around 600 as that would’ve been better for improved accuracy in games that I play like Fortnite, PUBG and Overwatch. 800 is definitely something I could adjust to and I think would work for a large amount of people.

The acceleration of the mouse is 8G and it has an ultrapolling rate of 125Hz. The 8G acceleration is nice, it makes the cursor movement not overly sluggish nor too quick and is actually fairly smooth. Downside is that you can’t turn it off and I know that for games like CSGO, a lot of people play without acceleration on. Personally I don’t play CSGO, but I noticed swapping from my Castor that it did feel different, but not in a bad way.

Its the ultrapolling rate that hampers the experience for me and makes it feel more sluggish that it ought to. 125Hz roughly equates to a delay of 8ms, this means that it updates your PC every 8ms and for competitive games that isn’y enough. For slower paced titles its not bad, but for Overwatch and fast paced games its too slow.

The left and right click are again good for slower titles but for Overwatch I just found them a little slow to respond. This can be said for the thumb rest buttons too, especially in Overwatch where I have them mapped to secondary weapons. They just feel slow and I can’t perform the same feats as I can with my castor. I think its because they’re so soft they just feel really unresponsive. They’re placement is fine and the size does help but the slow response is the big killer.


The R10 is also not that great (for me) I found the surface to be a little slow and drag the mouse. The glide just isn’t a smooth as I’m used to with a fabric surface. Don’t get me wrong its great and in all fairness it does allow the mouse to track pretty well. I just personally prefer the smoother glide of a fabric topped mat. One final thing is the way the electronic housing sits it just catches the cable from the mouse and it often stops me from gliding the mouse as smooth as I’d have liked. Its okay in games where you don’t have to introduce a lot of gliding movement, but those that you do, it prevents a really smooth glide the full face of the mouse mat.


One final gripe is the underside grip. When using the mat for gaming it does move around a lot as the underside grip just isn’t sufficient. After a gaming session I noticed that it had moved a good few centimeters away from where it was originally. I didn’t necessarily throw me off my game but its something that I thought should be mentioned.

Overall the M10 is a solid gaming mouse that is just a bit slow for my personal taste. Taking my taste off the table and it does perform well and much better than a equivalent say £20 mouse would. The slow buttons do hamper the experience is some titles but there use depends on the types of games that you play frequently. The mouse mat again isn’t to my taste but for the price it offers a good surface to play games on. Again it does have its issues.


So for £39.99 for a mouse and mouse mat the value is there. The mouse is nicely designed, comfortable, has nice RGB and is decent for gaming. It does have some pitfalls but its hard to expect it to be perfect at the price point. The R10 mouse mat again is solid for the price but does suffer in places. All in all if you want to add some budget RGB peripherals to your setup, this is one of the cheapest bundle offerings I’ve seen.

So should you pick the set up. Well if you’re just a casual gamer that likes RGB and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on peripherals, then its a good option. If you’re a competitive gamer or a gamer that likes those sorts of games, I would honestly look elsewhere as this just doesn’t quite have the gaming chops for those sorts of titles.

Score 6.5/10

Pick one up here via Amazon UK

ADATA XPG Infarex R10 Mouse Pad and M10 Gaming Mouse

Get one cheaper: www.cclonline.com/infarex-m10-R10-bundle


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  1. vinnyz007 says:

    That was one hell of a great review. Very detailed and covers all important points that needs to be considered while on the hunt for a mouse and it’s pad. 👍


    1. Weston D says:

      Thanks Vinny, appreciate the comment


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