Tudia Merge And Tamm Case Review

If you’ve just bought a shiny new smartphone and want to keep it that way, would Tudias Tamm and Merge cases do just that?

Design and Build

The Tamm, is the slimmer of the two offerings and features some more design flourishes that the more simply designed Merge. The Merge is a little more heavy duty and cleaner in its approach. Both come in a selection of colours too. The Tamm comes in either Black, Grey or navy Blue. The Merge though brings the bright colours with matte Black, metallic Grey, mint and rose Gold.

Design wise the Tamm has more going for it with its faux carbon sections, thick rubberised accents, dimpled side grips and flat matte finish to the main section. The Tamm is also one single piece of TPU whereas the Merge has a polycarbonate shell and TPU main body. The Merge is simpler in its style, it has no major “look at me” features which you may prefer. There is two distinct colour finishes that does add a bit of flair, but its way more conservative.


Both also have tastefully done branding too which doesn’t stick out and fits nicely with the rest of their respective design styles.

Onto the sides and the right sides remain mostly clean. The Tamm does have the dimpled grip which spills around from the backside of the phone, this is nicely done and also helps with grip. It doesn’t quite span the full height of the case but its large enough thumb or fingers depending on how you hold the phone. The Merge on the other hand is again cleaner and only features a small cutout design towards the bottom. The Polycarbonate also slightly wraps around which looks nice, not too grippy though.


The left sides feature the volume buttons which are raised and feel great on both. Neither impact the use of the buttons and they work great. They also have a handy + and – icon them which is nice touch.


On the bottom are the cutouts for the Type C port, microphone and speaker. All are really precise and don’t impact anything. I can still charge my phone no problems at all and the case hasn’t made the speakers or mic lose any of their original quality.

The top has cutouts for the 3.5mm jack and secondary microphone, again both are precisely cutout and don’t effect their performance at all.

The cutout for the finger print reader is great too, its not too cramped and again hasn’t really impacted my use of it in the slightest.

There is also a handy raised lip on both cases too, this keep the screen off a surface and helps keep it looking nice. For example if you were to place the phone on a solid granite or marble surface, the screen wouldn’t make contact with them.

Overall both are sturdily made and quite stylish depending on what you are looking for. The Merge would offer more impact protection whereas the Tamm is slimmer but grippier.


In Use

Both are good cases to use daily but I personally prefer the Tamm, its slimmer, provides more grip and just feels more secure in my hand. This is thanks to the texturized side sections and it being easier for me to use one handed. The Merge does still feel good, but its a little bulky and doesn’t quite feel as secure.

However when going off the beat n track I take the Merge, even though a bit slipperier it does a much better job of protecting my phone from knocks and general wear. This can be seen as in my testing the Merge came back unscathed whereas the Tamm picked up a few marks. So if you’re the more adventurous type, the Merge would be the better of the two. Daily general use the Tamm still gets my vote as I prefer it. But this is just a preference of mine.

When checking Tudias website I could see that the cases are not impacted rated even though the site says that the Merge is “HEAVY DUTY” and offers “ EXTREME Protection”. The Tamm on the other hand is a more simple “Shock Absorption Case”. I think they should have least provided us with some data to how much these cases can withstand as I have no idea if the Merge will live up to what the site says. I for one am not willing to drop my phone to test those claims, so drops may cause damage to your device or they may not.

In theory I think the Merge would do better in a drop situation as its got the dual protection and thicker sides, but if you want a real rugged case, you may need to look elsewhere. If you just want that bit extra protection, then they are fine.

One final point to be made is how tight these cases fit my phone, this is a good thing as they’re not coming off anytime soon. This is a good point and a bad point. Its good for security, but they are a bit of a pain to remove.


So are the cases worth it, well yes.

The Tamm is slim, stylish, well made and looks great on my phone. Its downsides are the finish that marks easily. The Merge is also stylish, well made and offers better protection against wear and tear, I just can’t test these claims being made as I’m not willing to risk any potential damage to my phone.

Priced at £10.99 for the Merge and £9.99 for the Tamm, they are just about on par what other rivals and offer pretty much the same feature set but with Tudias designs. So if you want some cases for your device, these are great and affordable too. Look at the Merge if want the better protection and the Tamm if you prefer a slimmer style.

Tamm score 7.5/10

Merge score 8/10

Pick them up here via Amazon UK

LG G6 Case, TUDIA Ultra Slim Carbon Fiber Design Lightweight [TAMM] TPU Bumper Shock Absorption Case for LG G6 (Black)

LG G6 Case, TUDIA Slim-Fit HEAVY DUTY [MERGE] EXTREME Protection / Rugged but Slim Dual Layer Case for LG G6 (Matte Black)


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