Hippox MV1 Bluetooth Earphones Review

With the ever growing supply of budget orientated Bluetooth earphones, do the Hippox MV1 do enough to stand out from the crowd?

In the box

  • Included with the £23 Hippox are a wide array of accessories, these include…
  • A carry pouch
  • USB charging cable
  • S,M,L silicone eartips
  • S,M,L silicone earfins
  • S,M,L silicone earstays
  • A shirt clip
  • Cable management buckle
  • The documents


So they aren’t short of accessories and given that their price point is so low, its a good first start for the MV1.

Design and Build

Like many of the other earphones of this style that I have reviewed, the MV1 stick with the predominately Black design. As much as I like a clean colour scheme, a bit of a tasteful colour accent wouldn’t go a miss to help make these stand apart. But alas all Black is the theme here. On the plus side Black pretty much goes with every colour so they won’t look out of place for casual use or at the gym.


The main housing is actually better designed and built than I was expecting. The body is made from a combination of metal and plastic, the former of which was a surprise given the low cost. So given that they are mostly metal the build feels great and the finish is nice too. The front of housing is the plastic section and designed to accommodate the earstays or fins. The portion is angled to aid comfort and fitment in your ear and again feels nicely made.

The back of the housing is also metal and features a circular pattern design with a tasteful Silver trim. Round here is also hiding away a set of magnets to allow the earphones to securely fasten together. Again another big plus given the budget price.

Onto the cable now and its a flat style which I do quite like, its not the most robust of cables but as long as they are looked after that shouldn’t be a problem. The finish is soft touch and feels nice, it does pick up a lot of dust and lint though. Strain relief is mixed. There is some up top but none around the controller.

Speaking of the controller its an all plastic affair and given its price I’m not surprised. That being said it doesn’t feel overly fragile and there is minimal flex as well as no creaks. On the front there is your LED light and three buttons. The buttons are my only gripe with the design really, they are nicely spaced which is good but they are very small which makes using them much trickier. Especially if you’re on go and its even more difficult when jogging. Also there is no clear identifier so mis-presses were really common.

On the side of the controller is the micro USB port that is hidden away by a small tab. This not only keeps the port safe but also helps them attain their IPX5 water resistance rating. This means they’ll be okay in the rain and against sweat but they aren’t submersible. The underside of the controller houses the mic and features some branding.


As a whole the design is basic but nice, the good build and addition of an IPX5 rating are welcome pluses that make these an attractive budget proposition. But will the rest of the earphones features live up to this standard?



Comfort is often a sore spot for earphones and me, but these are decent. The earfins are made from a soft flexible silicone that caused pretty much no fatigue at all whilst wearing them. Even during exercise they remained comfortable throughout. The earstays are equally as comfortable as the fins if not more so. I found the smallest size of each fit me best and were the most comfortable. Of course we are all different so you’ll need to experiment to get the best fit for you.


The tips are pretty decent too, they are soft, pliant and fit nicely. This combined with the angled nozzles gave a surprisingly good fit and were comfortable. The MV1 are also very lightweight so there was no fatigue caused by the housing dragging my ears. I could easily wear these for around four hours straight with just minor adjustments to the positioning and for me that is impressive as usually 2 to 3 in the max.

In use

Using the MV1 daily was a joy, the cable is a nice length and didn’t cause any issues in that regard. I did bounce around a fair amount when jogging but using the cable management accessory and clip soon eliminated that. So I’d advise you make use of those when running or jogging. When just walking I found that I didn’t need to use them at all though.


The pouch is a nice thing to have too, its big enough to fit the earphones in as well as the accessories and charging cable. It can easily fit into a gym bag as well as jacket pocket and it will keep your earphones from getting marked up. It might not save them from a big fall but from a small one it might.

During jogging they were good too, the earfins I found to be the best as they stayed more securely in my ears and didn’t come loose or out when jogging. The earstays did slip out once so I found I just used them for walking as they are a little more comfortable. But if you go to the gym a lot, then the earfins would probably be the right ones to choose. But again you’ll have to test that for yourself.

My only issue with these in use was the remote, it was a real chore to use when jogging and I found I had to slow down to make a more accurate press. When walking its fine but during exercise they are a bit fiddly to properly use.


Finally to the connection and the MV1 use Bluetooth 4.1 which is a good standard and works with newer and older devices. The connection for the most part was solid and it only dropped out when going beyond 10m. It did also struggle a little with doors and walls but as long as your within 10m and in a clear space they are fine.


The Hippox have a quoted life of up to 6 hours use. I managed 5 hours 42 minutes at my usual listening volume of 65%. This is just shy of the quoted time but its decent enough for a gym session or a few running sessions. Charge time took 1 hour and 3 minutes which is impressively quick and in the ball park of what is stated in the manual.

Noise isolation and Leak


This is also decent, at 0% with no music on the natural isolation is a little poor and you could hear everything around you quite clearly. But this maybe a good in some situations where you need to be aware of your surroundings. So take that as you will. Turning the music on to around 40% did start to see a fair amount noise blocked out and my usual public transport test was almost passed. I could still hear some tyre noise as well as some in-distinctive chatter. The conversations I could hear were in fairness right in front of where I was sat and even then I couldn’t make out what was being said. Turning them up to my listening volume of 65% did pretty much block out everything and I could no longer hear the conversation nor the tyre noise and the excessive traffic outside the on the road.

I understand that buses aren’t the loudest of places but it does give me a baseline to compare these to the other earphones that I have tested in the past. So if you do often go to places that would be louder than your regular bus then the experience maybe not as good. But for public transport they are good.

Leak is again dependent on how well they fit. For me they fit well and thus the leak was pretty minimal. So in a library you’ll be fine as long as you keep them below around 65%. On public transport again they impressed and even sat in close proximity to them lead to nothing being heard. Again this was at 65% and if you have them louder then the leak will become more apparent.


First of all they go pretty loud, but they do start to distort a little after around 75%. But if you keep them at around 70% then they keep the distortion in check as well as being loud enough.

As for the actual quality they aren’t amazing nor are they bad. They sit about where you’d expect and have the usual pitfalls of earphones at the price. The bass is is thick and punchy but isn’t massively detailed. The drop is solid too but they do lose a little steam at around the 30 to 40Hz region, bass lovers may not be massively impressed but for the average user I think the bass is just fine. Its not the most clear, a bit one dimensional and is a touch cloudy but its okay.

Mids are again okay, there is some decent detail and that is thank to their APTX support, I did notice that listening to these back to back with more expensive earphones they missing some finer detail. Again I can’t really complain as these were never designed to be serious listeners. Sound separation is about average and it can become a little jumbled with more complex tracks but for your average pop song its good. The tone is a little warm and can be a bit brittle towards the higher end. But these aren’t the worse mids I’ve ever encountered at the price.

Vocals are actually nice, tonal quality is good and doesn’t sound overly processed. Its actually fairly natural which is a good thing. The clarity is good too and they even have some impact to them, this means they are a little forward which I like. They still won’t do Adele any justice but again for everyday listening its all good.

Overall the sound is what I was expecting really. Solid bass, decent mids and good vocals. Yes they aren’t going blow you away with amazing clarity or detail, but they were never designed to. What they do is deliver a good performance that is designed to be pleasing to the masses and I can’t deny the do deliver there.


Are these just another set of earphones that will get overlooked, unfortunately, probably. Its due to the brand not being well known. Its a shame because Hippox have created a genuinely likeable set of earphones for the price. They are nice to look at, well built, comfortable, have plenty of accessories, great price point, are great to use at the gym or just out and about and they also sound pretty good, have decent battery life and pretty good isolation.

Yes they have a few faults but the positives easily outweigh those and for £23 these should really be ones to take a serious look at for everyday use. They won’t blow you away but for the price they continuously impressed me and if you are after a set of Bluetooth earphones that won’t break the bank, give these a serious look as they are a pretty good hidden gem.

Score 8.5/10

Pick up a pair here via Amazon UK

HIPPOX Bluetooth Headphones


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