MEEM Data Backup Cable Review

Fed up of running out of storage on your Android device? then this product from Meem maybe just what you’re after.

What is the Meem?

The Meem is a 2 in 1 product that can charge your phone as well as backup important information such as photos, videos, documents etc.

In the box

With the Meem you pretty much just get the cable and that is it.


Design and Build

The Meem is well bulky but colourful and interesting to behold. The Cable is finished in a striking Lime Green and Grey and it definitely sticks out from any other cable I use.


First up is the top section which is micro USB, in a way its a good thing and also bad. The good thing is that older devices use micro USB and they are often the ones that are full from long time use. Another good thing is the build of this section, its made from a combination of a flexible rubber neck and plastic. This is pretty impressive as it not only prevents any connections from fraying but also allows it to be bent without breaking.

Just below that is the module where the storage is located, this features some Meem branding and that is pretty much it. I’m also quite a fan of how the Green contrasts against the Grey, its a little different but nice. This has a downside and that is the size of it, its quite large, but it does have 64GB storage as well as a WiFi chip, so although big, its size makes sense.


The cable next is that lovely Lime Green and it feels nice. It has that nice feeling soft coating to it and its also reasonably thick too. Strain relief is a plenty as well, which is needed as this cable is likely one you’d take with you.

Onto the USB end and again the strain relief is impressive, it does this by using a similar setup to the top micro section but on a smaller scale. Again this reinforced connection should prolong the cables life, even with regular use.


Overall the cable is different but not in a bad way and its also very well built. The materials used in its construction feel premium and there is no areas of which I have concern.


Setup process

The first time you charge your phone with the cable it prompts you to download the app. The app is free and not that large so it won’t take up much space. If you don’t like the idea of an app, its unfortunately the only way the cable will perform its primary function.



Once the app has been downloaded you get a few greeting screens and then it asks you to give permission for the app to access the “USB accessory”. Select the options and press ok to continue. Next it will perform a quick firmware upgrade to make sure everything is up to date. It will then ask you to create a four digit pin for security purposes. The app then takes over and initializes the cable and an auto backup of all your data will ensue.

In use – The app

After you’ve done the quick setup and initial backup you can navigate around the app. The first thing you can do is swipe across and access the main menu. Here you can see your data, change the settings, adjust the modes and see some more information. The data section allows you to see what has been backed up and will allow you to access it.


The settings menu is fairly comprehensive and you can do a fair few things here. The first being able to see how much storage is left on the cable, you can also change the pin, rest the app, update the firmware, delete the backup and set notifications to remind you to backup. It also allows you to backup your backup to your PC or laptop. This will be an extra layer of safety if the worse case does happen and just gives some more reassurance.

If you go back home you can see all the devices you’ve backed up, this bit is great as if you have backed up more than one device you can easily swipe to transfer important data from one to another. It has another trick up its sleeve too, it can restore data from one phone to another. For example if you are upgrading phones and don’t want to manually transfer everything (like photos etc) via PC you can plug in the new device and access the saved data from your previous device and transfer it across. Its so simple but works a treat and can save you a lot of headache trying to get data from your old device. Keep in mind though that this cable can only backup three devices and if you change devices a lot you will have to clear one of the devices off the cable. For more info on how to do this head over to


It can do more too, for example if you go out and take some photos or video you can back that up without having to backup the entire device. When you plug the cable in, you can stop the auto backup and just sync what you want. Its pretty handy and saves time from doing a complete backup.


Another thing it does is remind you that you need to backup, this isn’t a feature you have to have but its nice. Sometimes I often forget to backup my data, but this gives you a gentle reminder to do so. Its not intrusive and isn’t annoying so there is no need to worry there. Of course if you don’t like this feature you can disable it in the settings menu.



In use – The cable

The first thing I’ll address is the micro USB, yes Type C is fast becoming the norm but devices still are being shipped with micro USB, especially cheaper mobile devices and tablets. But if like my and you only use Type C devices there is a little trick to make this cable work with a more modern Type C enabled phone. Now this trick does incur a minor cost but in my opinion its worth it, what you’ll need is a micro USB to Type C adapter like this one. For Three it costs around £4 but honestly its worth it to allow this to work with older and newer devices. Really though I think that the Meem should ship with one of these adapters in the box and maybe a revised version will. By no means is the lack of included adapter a deal breaker though.

The cable is also pretty great a charging too, its no faster than a traditional cable but its not slower either, this is great as you can pretty much replace your existing cable if needed or if you use fast charging you can utilize one for charging quicker and the Meem for backups. But its great that it works just as a normal cable and you don’t have to perform a backup if you don’t need. So if you just use a micro usb device only, you’d only require the Meem.



Is the Meem a good product, well, yes. It works as intended and I haven’t had a single issue with it. Its nicely designed, very made, backups all your important data whilst charging as well as keeping it safe. The app is also great as is easy to setup, use and it will allow you to use the cable to its full potential. A minor flaw with the Meem as a whole though, is that there are alternative methods to backup your data. But the Meem combats this by making it one of the easiest methods to backup your data that I have seen

One other downside is the price, the 64GB model like I have retails for £80 on Amazon, so its not exactly cheap and considering you can buy a 64GB OTG storage drive for £18, its hard to justify the price for storage alone. However this is way more than a simple storage device and if you’ve read the review, you can see just what it can do.

Back to price now and I think if the 64GB model was around the £50 ball park, I could say that it would be a must buy. But as its £80 its harder to recommend and if you just want simple storage then an OTG is a safe bet, but if want that and more, then this is as good as I’ve seen. Yes its pricey but your data is worth a lot more and some things you can’t put a price on and for that reason this would be more of a considered purchase than a must buy.

Score 7/10

Pick one up here via Amazon UK

MEEM Android 64GB The Charger that Automatically Backs Up your Phone or Tablet on to the Cable

MEEM iOS 64GB The Charger that Automatically Backs Up your Phone or Tablet on to the Cable (MFi Approved)


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