Inateck 60W Type C Wall Charger Review

The Intateck 60W Type C charger is designed as a replacement to those slow ones usually bundled with devices, but does it provide a big enough improvement to warrant its price tag?

In the box

Included with the Inateck you get

  • The charger
  • A Type C to Type C cable (6.6ft – 2m)
  • EU, UK, US plug adapters
  • The documents


Design and Build

The design of the Inateck is well, like a charger really, its nothing funky or different which may or may not be a bad thing depending on what you want. I think for its target audience its right on the money. But it does nothing to stand out from the crowd.


On the glossy Black sides in the Inateck branding and that is pretty much it. The glossy finish is nice, but keep in mind that its a muck magnet and it also marks really easily, so keeping it pristine will be a challenge. I’ve been using this one for just over a week and its already showing signs of wear.


The side that faces you when your charging features a solitary Type C port and gladly a different finish that doesn’t scuff as easily. In my testing it hasn’t shown any marking or blemishes which is good and it should hold up fairly well over time.


On the bottom there is some information, the CE conformity mark and that is pretty much it.


The inside of the charger is where things get a little more interesting as its here where you swap out the included adapters. There is a small button that allows you to quickly do this. The contacts on the charger are metal and do look a touch fragile, I haven’t come across any failures, but its something to keep an eye one, especially if you’re swapping adapters a lot.


Size wise the charger is 71.6 x 57 x 29.5mm which is quite large. In all fairness it does cram a fair amount of tech and power into it, but its bigger than expected. On the plus side it is much smaller than the Anker Powerport I usually use.


The build quality of the main charger is solid and its well put together. It doesn’t flex or creek and should withstand a few knocks. The finish is the only thing that will really show wear and again, keep a look out for the contacts getting damaged.


Onto the adapters know and these are made from a durable plastic and feel good, I can’t see them breaking any time soon.


Finally is the included 2m Type C to Type C cable. Its thick, durable and has plenty of strain relief where needed. The 2m length is welcome too as it gives you a decent amount of flexibility to still use your device away from the socket. Another big plus is the pre-installed cable management strap, it just makes keeping the cable in check so much easier. You can also manage its length when in use to make it shorter if needed.

In use

Installing the adapters is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is line the cutouts in the adapter with the notches on the main charger and gently slide it down into place.

Swapping out the adapters is a breeze, you press the button on the chargers face and slide the adapter upwards. The button does require a little bit of force to get it to work and it does require both hands.


Actually using the charger is great too, because Type C is fully reversible there is no wrong way to insert the cable and its so refreshing to not have to take more than one attempt to plug the cable in. This actually makes using the charger so much nicer than any other I’ve used.

One thing that would have improved the experience is the addition of a carry pouch or even a case, this would make it that much nicer to use when travelling as I’m having to place it in a lined pocket usually reserved for my phone. So maybe in future they could include one, I’d happily pay a bit extra is one was included.

Charging power

Now onto actual charging and this has 60W of power to play with. It can charge in either DC 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3A and 20V/5A. That is quite impressive. However according to their Amazon listing it takes 2 hours to fully charge a 15” MacBook Pro. Unfortunately I don’t own one so I can’t confirm this, but in that same listing it states that the original 85W charger only takes 1 hour 40 minutes (100 minutes). So by that assumption its not as good as the included Apple one, so in that case you wouldn’t need one.


Also if you have a 13” MacBook which comes with a 61W charger, it still doesn’t make that much sense to get one as charging times are likely to be almost identical. So for Apple owners its not looking good, but if you own a Google Pixelbook 12.3” then things are looking up. The Pixelbook only comes bundled with a 45W charger, so in theory the Inateck should outperform it. Again I can’t test that theory, but based on numbers, it looks likely the Intateck would be faster and by a decent margin.

Onto some actual numbers that I have gathered from testing.

Test 1


Xiaomi Mi5 from 19% to 100%. The reason 19 was chosen it because that is the number the phone suggests that you begin to charge it.

  • 19% to 50% in 25 minutes.
  • 19% to 75% in 43 minutes
  • 19% to 100% in 1 hour 41 minutes

So you can see that that up until 75% it was very fast but thereafter it slowed down quite significantly.

Test 2

I then tested the Mi5 from 10% to 100% and these were the results

  • 10% to 50% took 33 minutes
  • 10% to 75% took 58 minutes
  • 10% to 100% took 1 hour 49 minutes

Again its quick up until 75% but like the previous test slowed after that point.

Test 3


I then switched over to my LG G6 which uses a newer form of quick charging and here is what I found. Again the percentage was selected as that is when the phone says to do so.

  • 15% to 50% took 30 minutes
  • 15% to 75% took 51 minutes
  • 15% to 100% took 1 hour 33 minutes

You can note that even though the G6 has a bigger capacity battery it charges much quicker than the older Mi5. Also to note in the same test, my Anker Powerport 5 ran the 15% to 100% in 1 hour 43 minutes which is a full ten minutes longer than the Inateck.


Test 4

The final test was with the G6 from 10% and it did that…

  • 10% to 50% in 35 minutes
  • 10% to 75% in 56 minutes
  • 10% to 100% in 1 hour 39 minutes

This equates to approximately 1% per minute of charge which is pretty impressive.


I then did the same 15% run with the stock LG charger and that did it in

  • 15% to 50% in 36 minutes
  • 15% to 75% in 58 minutes
  • 15% to 100% in 1 hour 42 minutes

And you can see that the Inateck is faster but not by an absolute massive margain. The graph below shows the difference between them.



In conclusion the Inateck Type C charger is a good product, but I’m finding it a touch difficult to recommend. I mean its nicely designed, reasonably compact, well built, has a decent amount of accessories and charges a bit faster than the other chargers tested. But its still difficult to definitively say “go and buy one”. That reason is price to performance. If you look at the numbers again the Inateck is only 10 minutes faster than the stock charger and Anker, one of which is free and the other significantly cheaper.

The only time I can say it could be worth a look is if you’ve got a Laptop or tablet with a woefully underpowered charger, then it makes a bit more sense. For example, on paper it should be much faster than the Pixelbooks 45W stock charger, the 29W MacBook charger and probably many more. The only one it can’t beat is the 15” MacBook pro which has an 87W charger. So if this is your situation, then the £40 investment maybe a wise one. But if you have anything than can already output at 60W 12V/3A then it might not make a much sense to spend the extra cash.

So should you buy one. Well if you’re looking for a dedicated phone charger, then the Anker Powerport 5 gets my vote, its cheaper and you can charge more devices simultaneously. Downside, it is a touch slower. The Inateck does however get my approval if you have a woeful stock laptop or tablet charger and really need that extra speed. Then it becomes a more worthwhile investment and easier to recommend.

But its also worth keeping in mind that if you have an older device or one that doesn’t support fast charging, then it won’t be worth picking up either as your device won’t charge any quicker. But if you do have a compatible device, then this charger is the quickest I’ve ever tested and if you really value your time, then £40 might not be that big a price to pay.

Score 7/10

Pick on up here via Amazon UK

Inateck 60W USB C Wall Charger PD Charger with US UK EU Travel Adapter and 2M USB C Cable


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