Aukey 4 Port USB Wall Charger Review

If you’re in the market for a new charger for your tablet or phone, should this be the one that buy?

Design and Build

The design is pretty plain. The bottom section is finished in a nice gloss Black and features some Aukey branding. There is also an LED indicator here to let you know the unit is getting power. I like the glossy finish, I think its quite nice and makes it look a little more interesting. The only downside to the finish is it marks really easily and they show up quite prominently too.

The top section is again Black but this time its more of a semi matte finish. Here you also have a handy pass through, this means that if you use this, you don’t lose an outlet. This is a great advantage over the hub style as with that you lose an outlet.


The bottom section features 4 USB ports. These are rated at 5V 2.4A, so they aren’t the quickest rated on the market, but more on that later. Like mentioned there are four ports and that means you can charge four devices at the same time. The max rating of this is 6A, so it should be alright with four phones but it may struggle to do four tablets at the same time.


On the inside there are your prongs to go into your outlet, mine is the UK version, but you’ll probably be able to find versions that are country specific.


Onto build now and its made from plastic, it feels durable enough and I can’t see there being any issues with it. Well unless your constantly swapping out plugs, then you may notice some wear and tear. But I personally just left it plugged in with a TP-Link Powerline under my PC desk and its held up well. But again the longevity will depend on how you use it.


I do however have an issue with this product and that is, its too large. By that I mean that in my socket it overhangs over the switch meaning I can’t turn it off without removing it. I know that the outlets in my home are a standard UK faceplate, but you’ll see in the photos the issue I faced. Again this may not be an issue for you, but its something that I noticed. It wasn’t a massive issue as my Powerline adapter is always on, but if I used it on a different socket that I needed to turn off, then it posed a problem.

I also have a suggestion as well, I wish they made a white version. Now don’t get me wrong the Black model looks great, but its sticks out quite badly, especially seen as most outlets are white. If you’ve got it hidden away then its not an issue, but if you’ve got it visible then it sticks out. So I think if they made a white variant too that would be great.

In use

Using the charger is as easy as any other charger really, well apart from the issue I mentioned with the design. So as long as you find an outlet that you don’t need to turn off or constantly swap out, its fine. Charging is pretty quick, for testing I compared it against my Anker PowerPower 5 using its standard ports. So lets see how it compares. To note I charged both devices at the same time with both chargers.



  • LG G6 from 15% to 100% took 1 hour 46 minutes
  • Xiaomi Mi5 from 15% to 100% took 1 hour 50 minutes


  • LG G6 from 15% to 100% took 1 hour 43 minutes
  • Xiaomi Mi5 from 15% to 100% 1 hour 45 minutes

So you can see its just as fast as a more expensive counterpart. Keep in mind both are using a 2.4A output so in theory charging times should be almost identical, but a few minutes difference isn’t a huge deal. The only real disadvantages this has over the Anker are the lack of Quick Charging and its one USB port down. The upside is that is is almost 50% cheaper than the Anker, so you could buy two of these for the same price, also you don’t lose a socket like you do with the Anker, which is another big plus.


As a whole there are a fair few things to like about the Aukey charger. For one its quite cheap, it charges quickly, it can charge up to four devices at the same time and it has a socket pass through. It does have one design flaw that I noticed and although for some it may be a deal breaker, it wasn’t for me as the socket I used it in stays on all the time. But in reality this could be a big or small issue depending on the size of your socket. Mine are standard UK and I ran into the clearance issue, but if your house has different ones, then you might not encounter the problem.

Should you buy one? Well for £17 its a pretty good product and although I had the issue, I can still say that it would be an ideal buy. Thats if you keep it plugged in a socket that doesn’t require constant swapping out, turning off or even if you have a single socket outlet. Then the aforementioned issue should not be a problem.

Score 6.5/10

Pick one up here via Amazon UK

AUKEY USB Wall Charger 4 Ports (5V / 2.4A * 4)


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