Blitzwolf Ampcore Type-C Cable Review

Today I’ll be taking a look at a premium but affordable USB Type-C cable. The one in question is from Blitzwolf and is a massive 8.2ft (2.5m) long.

Design and Build

Style wise its a nice looking cable. Its available in two different colour options, one is the Black (actually Grey) that I have and the other is a nice vibrant Red. Style wise its a nice looking cable. Its available in two different colour options, one is the Black (actually Grey) that I have and the other is a nice vibrant Red. The Polyester finish is great quality and again looks premium even though the cost isn’t. Especially considering the 2.5m one is only £7.99, that makes it even better.


You can also buy a 1m version, a 1.8m version and a Type-c to Type-c variant. These cost £5.29 for the 1m, £6.99 for the 1.8m and £6.99 for the Type-c to Type-c. So you’re pretty much covered on length and type to. They also haven’t left out Apple users either as they make a lightning version which is either 1m or 1.8m. They cost £10.99 and £11.99 respectively.


The top Type-C end is a combination of Black and Grey. Its again very well made as its constructed from combination of hard and soft PVC. This makes the plug side really strong to protect the plug (USB side) and the cable side softer to prevent the cable from breaking under load (strain). The end as a whole does still have a slight amount of flex to prevent it cracking. As if it were too rigid it would crack under constant use. There is also a good amount of strain relief and the end also features the Blitzwolf logo imprinted into it.

The Type A end is again finished the same and made from the same materials as the C side. So there isn’t much to say, well apart from it being equally well made as the main Type-C side.


Now onto Blitzwolfs big claims about the cables durability and strength. But before that, lets take a look inside the cable to see what makes it (apparently) strong. Its made in a four layer construction. The first being the wire core. This is a combination of 30AWG (data) and 22AWG (power). This is then coated with a layer of Aluminium foil. That is then wrapped in a layer of flexible TPE and then its finished in a durable Polyester. The cable thus is made quite well, it has a 5,000+ bend lifespan, which is apparently up to 8 times more than other brands. This is the exact same as the Anker Powerline+, which again is again sold as an ultra durable cable. Whether a cable will ever endure that in the real world is hard to tell. Another plus though is an extended 18 month warranty instead of the usual 12, but after that, its no longer covered. In my opinion, if its a tough as they make out, why not offer an even longer warranty? Surely if its built to last, they’d have no problem with that.


Blitzwolf also made claims that it can hold up to 80kg and it can also pull a 1 tonne car. I don’t have a car to test this, nor could I find a suitable place to attempt to hold my own weight with the cable. But in reality, your not going to use a cable to pull a car or hold your own weight.


In use

Using the cable is pretty much what you’d expect, well apart from it being a lot longer than most other cables. For me, this is a big bonus as I don’t have to sit right next to my charger, when of course charging my phone. Having that extra length does give you an extra bit of freedom is nice.

The cable also has no problem with being used with a case. I use a Spigen one on my LG G6 and there is no issue with the cable (Type-c end) being too short to still fit. Its also not that wide, so if you have an even more rugged case, then it should still fit fine.

The cable also comes with a handy cable management accessory for wrapping it up. This is good on a small cable, but its really appreciated on the 2.5m version as there’s a lot of cable to deal with.

The cable has a 56kΩ resistor, which means it won’t draw excess power from the outlet. It also supports fast charging up to 12V and a 3A current. This means it’ll work with Qualcomms quickcharge 2.0, 3.0 and other fast charging variants. As long as they don’t exceed the 3A current. It can even cope with transfer speeds of up to 480mb/s (60MB/s). They’ve missed a trick not making it 3.0 compatible and it would have made the cable even better and transfer speeds are slow, well when compared to USB 3.0, which is what I’m used to. This means if you want quick transfers, opt for the Powerline+ as that supports USB 3.0.



As a whole there is a lot to like about this cable, its nice looking, well made, supports quick charging and should last a long time. The only real negative is the lack of USB 3.0, this would have the cable a better all rounder than it is. Maybe I’m being a bit picky here as up to 60MB/s isn’t massively slow, but compared to the 100+ I see on 3.0 its noticeable.

On the plus side its better value the Powerline+ as for £7.99 you get a 8ft cable, whereas with Anker you only get a 6ft one. So if you value that extra length, this is the better buy. But if you want the latest tech and quicker transfer speeds, then the Powerline+ looks to offer a better solution. I for one though can still recommend this cable as I have dedicated transfer cables to handle that, so for me the 2.0 isn’t a deal breaker. But I can see it being for some.

So to wrap this up once and for all. Should you buy this cable. Well that would be up to you. I personally like the extra freedom to move around when charging worth it and for me it was worth it and if you want the same, then is a great option to buy.

Score 7.5/10

Pick one up here via Amazon UK

USB Type C Cable Nylon Braided, BlitzWolf 1M 3A USB 2.0 to Type C Cable (1M Black)


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