Betron GLD-60 Earphones Review

If you’re in the market for a set of affordable earphones should the GLD-60 by Betron be the ones you get?

In the box

  • Earphones
  • S,M,L eartips
  • Set of foam tips
  • Shirt clip
  • A carry pouch
  • Documentation


Design and Build

Betron have gone for a quite classy design with the GLD-60. They feature a split design housing with half finished in Gold and half in Grey. Personally I’m not a fan of Gold but it works quite well here. The housing is metal which adds a premium feel for the low cost of the earbuds.


The cable is coated in a woven fabric and again feels better than I expected at the price. Its robust and has a decent amount of strain relief, so I’m not too worried about it breaking anytime soon. The downside is that the cable tangles and kinks really easily, which can be a little frustrating at times. Hopefully the cable memory will reduce over time and this shouldn’t be a problem after a few months. On the plus side the cable is 1.2m long which is perfect for me, it gives enough slack to not be too restrictive but its also not too long so that there is loads of excess cable to stash away. Another minor negative is that the cable gives off a lot of noise, by that I mean when you are moving about the cable transmits a noise through it and you can hear it and feel it through the housing. Its a little distracting and can’t be irritating when walking, jogging or running.

On the cable there is a remote control with three buttons, these control the volume, play pause and skip tracks. The remote also has a built in mic which isn’t great to be honest. The remote is also probably the weakest part of the build as its all plastic. I wouldn’t mind plastic at this price but its not good, its so flexible and really weak feeling. In reality its probably going to be the first thing that breaks. The buttons feel okay, they give off a little tactile feedback but again a little disappointing in comparison to the rest of the earphones. I do however understand that at the price point of £11 there needs to compromises and this is it. My other issue with this is that if it breaks, will the audio output go as well?

Finally the cable features a small plastic section that can be used to manage the cables a little better. Its not a real necessity but it does prove useful to help shorten the split at the top of the cable.


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Overall the design isn’t really to my taste, but for the most part they are well made for the cost.


With the selection of four eartips you should be pretty much covered when it comes to finding a size that works for you. I chose the medium as the small size was too small and the large too big. The medium is still a little on the large side but the small just kept falling out. So for me the medium were the best compromise. The foam tips were also a little bit on the big side, but those would be the ones I’d use if they fit properly. You just get much more benefits from the foam than you do the traditional silicone variants.


The earphones are lightweight so that they don’t tug on your ears or cause discomfort by being too heavy. The tips are decent and don’t cause any fatigue which is good as usually the cheaper tips aren’t that nice to use.

Noise isolation and leak

Isolation is pretty decent, it would be better if the foam tips fit better as they do the best job of blocking out external noises. However like mentioned they didn’t fit me, but if they fit you then those would be the ones to use. The silicone ones do a decent job of blocking out noise, but again would be better if I got a more effective fit. As always I test earphones on public transport and although most noises were kept at bay, some engine noise and talking did creep through. Nothing major but I could still hear my surroundings. That’s okay in some situations but when you want to block out everything, its not so good.

Leak was again decent, even at around 60 to 70% it was quite minimal. Again this would be improved with the foam tips. But they only real way someone will be able to hear what you are listening to is if you have them on really loud or if they are sat right next to you. So in a situation like a library, around 50% volume would be ideal and again the foam tips would be better.


  • Driver unit: 10mm
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 94dB
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20,000Hz
  • Max input power: 3mW

These are mobile friendly and really easy to drive, so you won’t be needing an amp to get the most from them.


They go fairly loud if you require them to. The overall sound is quite mellow and pretty lax.

Bass: Nice and deep. The drop is surprisngly smooth, quite punchy and it extends nice and low. Its not overly detailed and is a little thick, but I’m quite impressed. Its not murky or cloudy but viscous. This may suit your taste but I prefer a slightly airy bass. But to be honest I can’t complain at all. Its not the same level as those mega bass offerings that are all bass, its more polished than those. Its good, especially seen as these cost almost £10.

Mids: Usually this is where budget earbuds fall apart but these hold it together quite well. I mean its solid. It won’t blow you away with extreme clarity or detail but its not exactly lacking either. Yes fine detail is not present and is overshadowed by the core mids, but its not too shabby at all. The bass can sometimes creep into the lower regions of the mids which does squash it a little. Its also a little closed in and restrictive but that’s more of an earphone trait. On the plus its again chill and easy on the ears, its not to brash or harsh and it makes for quite easy listening.

Vocals: Again an area where these types of earphones don’t deliver and these do a decent job. Again its not an amazing vocal performance. It doesn’t have the chops to do Adele or Rag N Bone justice but for the most part its good. Again its on the relaxed side which is why they lack power. So if you want to be very impressed then the vocals won’t. That’s not to say they aren’t good because they are, its just that they lack the vibrancy and warmth that I like. But again that is my preference.

Overall they are quite enjoyable to listen to, especially if you listen to the more chill genres of music. They don’t quite hit the spot for rock or alternative styles but electronic, hip hop, rap, DnB, Trap etc are well represented.


For £10.95 for the Android version and £11.95 for the iOS variant they offer pretty good value for the money. For the most they’re well made, quite nicely designed, quite comfortable and sound pretty decent. Yes they are better offerings out there if you’re willing to pay more, but if you want a cheap pair of earbuds that are solid all rounders then these are worth a look.

Score 7/10

Pick a pair up here via Amazon UK

Betron GLD60 Noise Isolating Earphones


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