XtremeSkins LG G6 Skin Review

If you’ve got a mobile phone the likely hood is that you are either rocking a case, or you keep it in its birthday suit. But have you ever looked at a skin. These have a few pros and a few cons, so lets take a look at an offering from XtremeSkins, these are a UK based company that offer a wide variety of different skin options for your devices. As you’ve probaly seen from the title I’ll be looking a one for the LG G6.

So we’ll start off by looking at their website.


The design of their site is clean, basic and functional. You have your main page that has all their offerings at the top as well as their most popular sellers. You can scroll down to see more in a parallax effect.  It looks very modern and nice, as well as providing a quick link to whatever is shown.

Going onto a device gives the option to customise your chosen product. In my case its a G6.  The images below show all the different offerings that they have at the time of writing this review. I opted for the Gloss White with a Matt Black camera accent.

What you get

With the skin you get an alcohol wipe and a card with some information on it. The rest depends on your order. I got a rear skin, front skin and the camera accent. You do get three of those, so if you mess one up, you have spares.


Installation is quite straight forward. Its not a simple as putting on a case but its fairly easy. The easiest way that I have found is the start up top around the camera, once you’ve got that lined up its straight forward. If your phone doesn’t have a camera bump its a little trickier. I’d suggest watching the install videos on their YouTube page if you are a little stuck. It offers a step by step on how to install a skin, it looks like not all models are covered and their uploads are not that often. So you may have to check to see if there are any reviewer tutorials on your device. You will however need a hairdryer to make sure that it fits to the curve nicely. Also a card and cloth would come in handy. It would be nice if a cloth a small card were included, even if the price were a little higher.

Now I’m not amazing when it comes to skins and I didn’t do the best job, now that is on me. So make sure you take your time and apply it to the best of your ability.

Fit, Finish and Quality

The fit a finish is really good, the cutouts around the rear and front logo are precise and if you take care with the install, then the results you can get are great. The adhesive is really strong on these skins and once its stuck down, its stuck. So again take care to get the placement right as once its down, its hard to move again.


The quality of the skin is great too, it feels nice in the hand and its much less slippery than the glass back of the G6. By no means is it super grippy, but its better. If you want extra grip, try a finish with more texture. But for the price I am happy with the skin as a whole.

Pros and Cons

This is not just for this skin, but skins as a whole.


  • Thinner than a case
  • Lighter than a case
  • Can offer more grip for slippery phones
  • Prevents finger print smudges
  • Can prevent scratching
  • More customization options


  • Doesn’t offer much protection in terms of drops
  • More expensive than some cases
  • Harder to install than a case

For all the skins pros and cons, its clear that the benefits do seem to outweigh the negatives, but still if you are clumsy a case would be better.


The cost of the skin will depend on what you want and the device you are buying it for. The kit I got was £10 for the front, back, camera accent. You can also add a tempered glass screen protector for £3, which is a pretty good deal. Shipping is free for order over £5. You can however opt for 1st Class which is £0.60 or 1st Class UK signed for which is £3.99. Finally if you want it next day that will cost £7.99. Personally I’ve found the £0.60 option the best. International is £3.49 for phone, £5.49 for larger skins or free if you spend over £40. So all in all these are pretty cheap, especially when compared to the competition.


For the cost of £10 its not bad value, yes you can buy a case for the same price that will offer more impact protection, but cases have trade offs too. They’re usually bulky, heavy and can sometimes impact usage. Skins don’t do any of that, but again they do have flaws. So should you buy one, that depends. If you want to make your phone a little different, then yes. If you want a little extra protection for scratches, then yes. If you hate having fingerprints all over your phone, then yes. But on the flip side a case offers all that too. So I guess it all depends on if you really want and if you really despise cases, a skin would be a great alternative.

If you just so happen to be in the UK, XtremeSkins is definitely a great company to buy from as they’re affordable, make good skins and offer good customer service via Twitter. So if you are wanting a skin, check them out.

Score 6.5/10

Get one here: https://www.xtremeskins.co.uk/


Disclaimer: This is not a paid promotion or an advert.


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