Rampow USB Type C Cables Review

Today lets take a look at some quite premium but quite affordable Type C cables from Rampow. We have a 3.3ft and 6.5ft variant with a price tag of £6.99 for the smaller and £7.99 for the larger. So is the pricing right or are they too much?

Design and build

What can say really, they’re cables.

Well actually quite a fair amount. They aren’t your traditional run of the mill affair. They feature a woven braid which is made from a durable Nylon. I quite like the colour scheme too, its grey and black and should fit in with most phones and setups. Again I wish they’d offer some more funky colours as some might find this scheme a little too bland. I like it, but that is just my taste.

On one side you have your reversible Type C end and the other is a standard Type A which is of the 3.0 variety. Both these end are made from a durable Aluminium and finished in a really nice space grey. They have a decent amount of strain relief and the connection to the cable feels rock solid.

Onto the cable and like mentioned its Nylon braided. It feels great, its quite stiff and tangles quite easily which can be a bit irritating. But the quality of the braid is good, I couldn’t spot any fraying or tears and I have given these cables a good and thorough testing.  In theory these cables should last a long time and you shouldn’t need to replace them anytime soon. I will post an update if anything does happen, but with the build of these I can’t see that happening in the near or quite distant future.


In use

In use these are just as good as any other cable that I’ve tried and I have been through quite a few. The connection into my phone is great, the fit is nice and tight and it doesn’t wobble about at all. Inserting and pulling it out take a little bit of force which is reassuring as it shouldn’t come out by accident. Another great addition is that these have (according to the listing) been tested for 10,000+ insertions and come with a lifetime warranty. So its safe to say that these cables are designed to last.

Onto the Type A end and again connection with both my PC and powerbanks are decent. The connection is a little less solid and there is a lot more movement than the Type C side. But this may vary depending on what you’re connecting it in to. So your experience maybe different to mine.


So lets wrap this up. For the price its tough to call. One the one hand you can buy a pack of 3 for £5.99 or you buy braided ones for half the price. But will they be the same high quality?

The three for £5.99 are likely to be very cheap and not that substantial. The cheaper braided cable maybe decent, but its not likely to be as good as these. Well in my experience the cheaper braided cables tend to fray and damage more easily. So I guess if they worth it, is up to you. Personally I would pay a slight premium for the better build and extra longevity, but that’s me. But in reality, these would likely outlast those and potentially save you money in the long term.

Score 7/10

Get them here via Amazon UK

Rampow USB C to USB 3.0 Cable 1m/3.3ft

Rampow USB C to USB 3.0 Cable 2m/6.5ft Space Grey


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