Rampow USB Type C Adapter Review

Today I’ll be taking a look at some USB accessories from Rampow. I have their Micro USB to USB Type C adapters. So lets see if these accessories are any good?

Design and Build

What can I say the design is simple and nice. They’re made from Aluminium and finished in a really nice space Grey. I do like the colour but I wish they offered a wider selection. On the front they feature the Rampow logo and that is pretty much it.

One end of the adapter features a USB Type C port and the other has the input for Micro USB. This Micro end works with traditional Micro USB cables as well as the newer reversible ones too.


So design wise there isn’t much to talk about really. Moving onto build and they are solid, like previously mentioned they are made metal and for the price that’s great.

In use

Actually using these is very straight forward and basically needs little explanation. All you have to do is take your existing Micro USB cable, insert in the adapter and you now have a Type C cable. The connection between the adapter and the cable is nice ans tight and it won’t pull out too easily. The connection between the Type C and your device is again as good as a Type C cable. So no complaints there.

Charging your phone with them is a mixed bag. One side its convenient and on the other there are issues. The issues I’m taking about are strength, not the actual adapter but the connection between the two. Yes I mentioned the connection is solid, but I’m talking about a different type of strain. Having the Micro end in the adapter appears to put more strain on it and it has become more flexible and it now feels a little weaker. Keep this in mind as if you say accidentally trip over the cable while charging it could break a bit easier than without the adapter. So there is a slight trade off here.


On the flip side here is a little situation where I found them useful. So as a person that uses two phones (one for business and the other personal) these are real nice to have. Why, you might be wondering. Well one of my phones uses a Type C port and the other uses the older Micro style. This means that instead of having to take two cables I can just take one and use the adapter to seamlessly switch between the two phones. This not only saves space but means that there is less cabling to get tangled up in my bag. However ideal this is, it still has one one drawback. If both my phones need charging at the same time (doesn’t happen too often) then only having one cable means that I can only charge one phone at a given time. Thus meaning I’d still need to take two cables to charge both simultaneously.

Finally, you have to remember that older USB 2.0 cables may not support quick charge or higher load capacities as there newer counter parts. By that I mean that Type C cables support USB 3.0 or 3.1 and are made to withstand quick charge loads, so just make sure that your older cables can cope with the extra power requirements that quick charging and faster connections brings. But using standard charging and USB 2.0 they work just fine.


So why would you buy these. Well if you are making the jump to USB Type C from Micro and you don’t want to buy all new cables then for £5.99 (for two) the value is there. Like mentioned they are well made, look nice, very compact and can be quite useful. Obviously they do have there issues in certain situations, but I can see there effectiveness in others. So should you buy these, that depends. If you don’t want all new cables then they are worth it, if you don’t mind buying newer cables then I can’t really see the need for them.

Score 6/10

Pick up a set here via Amazon UK

RAMPOW USB C (Male) to Micro USB (Female) Adapter – Type C Adapter – Type C to Micro USB Converter 2 Pack


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