Archeer AH07 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Here we have a lovely and modern looking set of wireless headphones from Archeer, but are they as good as they look?

Lets begin with whats in the box and you get a nice quality USB and 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and an instruction manual.



A few features now and these have

  • Apt-X technology
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • A2DP Bluetooth profile
  • 118dB SPL (sound pressure level)
  • 20Hz – 20kHz FR (frequency response)
  • 40mm drivers
  • 32ohm
  • Up to 10m range – which is accurate and I found they even worked well from a different room from where my phone was.
  • Up to 540 hours standby time
  • 3.5mm input

Design and build

The Archeer are very nice. They’re simple yet very stylish. I really like the silver brushed finish on the side of the arms, its nice contrast to the prominent black finish. Above the brushed effect you have the headband adjustment and the Archeer branding, its not too in your face and it fits in nicely with the overall design. The adjustment is again metal, feels solid, is quite smooth and I have no complaints about using it at all.

Above that is the headband which again is nicely done. Its all black and doesn’t have any distracting branding on it. Onto the housing and these again are all black but feature a nice silver trim around it again ties in nicely with the overall aesthetic. The insides reveal a very subtle left and right indicator, I like that they left these black so they don’t stand out too much, but they still remain easy to read.

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On the rear side you have your controls, these actually feel pretty solid and aren’t too mushy, plus they’re easy to use on the go. The buttons are a pairing/power/play pause, volume/skip track. You also have a LED that flashes red/blue in pairing mode and flashes blue when paired. The light is bright but as it faces away from your face its no issue at all.


On the underside you have a 3.5mm input, your charging input and mic. The mic is decent enough for a quick conversation but its nothing really special. It gets the job done. Build as whole is good, they feel solid and well put together. The brushed effect does mark quite easily so just keep that in mind. The folding mechanism again feels sturdy and I would have no problem saying that these would last a fair amount of time.

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Onto the issue with these and that is the build, I will admit that they feel solid and well put together its just the the finish marks easily. So if you say accidentally drop them or knock them, then more than likely they’ll show it. So for day to day use you may notice a few cosmetic blemishes if you are putting them into a say a bag with other items in it. This would be avoided if these came an included carry pouch, but no such thing is included.


Comfort now and again they impress. The headband padding is plentiful, very soft and smooth. They aren’t overly heavy either weighing in at 255g, this means you shouldn’t get fatigued too easily. The earcups again have nice padding and the material choice is good. My only issue with comfort is just how warm they get after two or three hours use. Not too bad in winter but in the summer months its an issue. They are even quite comfortable whilst wearing glasses. Another minor issue is that the opening isn’t very large, so if you have bigger ears then these would be more like on-ears. The clamping force isn’t overly strong meaning that you head won’t feel squashed, well that was my experience, but if you have a larger head then that maybe different .But all in all, apart from the warmth they are good.

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Isolation and leak

Isolation and leak is good. These don’t have noise cancelling tech but they are quite good. I tested mine on public transport and in my town centre and they faired well. Isolation is good and they blocked out most quiet to mid level background noise, it was only louder noises that really interfered with the sound. Leak is well handled too, the seal they create is good as long as your ears fit within the earcups. If they don’t then they will leak more. My experience was good and I only found they leaked at around 80% volume, which would probably be too loud for most. So if you keep it below 80 then you should be all good.

Battery life

Battery life is impressive, they have a quoted time of up to 14 hours which in its own right is impressive. However I managed to achieve 19 hours 54 minutes at 60% volume which is loud enough for me. Keep in mind though that if you have them on louder then that will drop. So this is plenty enough to last you a week or so without needing to top up the battery. Charge time is stated at between 2 to 3 hours. I managed 3 hour 30 minutes on average via the Anker powerport 5 that I use. But again this will vary depending on what you charge them with.


Onto the sound now and for Bluetooth I’m impressed. They can get loud enough for most and like previously stated 60% is enough for me via my Xiaomi Mi5.

  • The bass is nice and deep, got a good amount of punch too. The extension down low is handled well and they didn’t sound like they were struggling. The bass is also quite thick, but surprisingly not murky or muddy sounding.
  • Mids next and these are nice and pronounced. Usually Bluetooth headphones suffer here but these are good. Clarity is solid and detail is okay. The sound is fairly neutral just slightly edging towards warm. Soundstage is again okay, this is kinda a trait of Bluetooth. Instrument separation is again just okay.
  • Vocals are well handled and clear. They never get too shouty or abrasive. Detail in the vocal is average and they lack a little punch. But again they’re decent.

Overall the sound is good, its not blow your socks off good, but for the price they are impressive. At their usual price of around £50 then I wouldn’t be as impressed, but at £30 I am more so.

To sum up, these are a nice pair of headphones. They look classy, they’re decently made, comfortable, have solid isolation and leak and sound pretty good too. To top it all off they have great battery life and a solid Bluetooth connection. All in all for around £40 I can say that they’re good, but if you want to save £10 then buy the identical Allreli F5 as they are pretty much the same headphones but for £30 instead of the Archeers £40 price.

Score 6.5/10

Purchase a pair here via Amazon UK

Archeer Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones


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