Fiil Diva Review

So here we have the Fiil Diva. These headphones give us a glimpse to the future of headphone and wearable technology. But are they right for 2017 and more importantly are they any good?

In the box you get a very nice hard shell carry case. The case is really premium feeling and plenty big enough to fit the headphones and accessories. The case is finished is a faux leather style and features a FIIL branded badge on the front. Its pretty tough too so your headphones will be kept nice and safe. You also get a very nice 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable. Even though it came with this I never found myself using it at all. But more on that in a short while. You finally get a USB charging cable and the documentation.


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Design and Build

They’re quite lovely, they’re sleek, minimal and very classy looking. The main housing is finished is a nice looking anodized Black and they feature some very subtle branding in the centre. This branding also doubles up as a light, which can be turned on or off with an separate app or via a toggle on the headphones. Attaching the earcup to the main section of the headphones is a rubber membrane, this allows these to move in all directions and is something I’ve never seen on a pair of headphones before. It provides a huge array of movement which is important for increased comfort. In this area you also have a classy metal accent, which again adds to the premium look of the headphones. The supports are made from metal and feel solid, very robust and match the clean aesthetic of the rest of the headphones.

These also have a folding mechanism to shrink them down so that they’ll fit into the carry case. These are usually a weak part of the headphones, but not here. It feels sturdy and I really don’t think that this part of the headphones will be breaking anytime soon. Finally onto the sliding mechanism and the headband. The sliding mech again is metal and the action is really smooth making adjustment very easy. However I never noticed them shift while wearing which is a good thing. The headband is probably the only let down of the build, its plain and looks nice, but the build quality isn’t quite on par with the rest of headphones. Don’t get wrong it won’t break, it just doesn’t have the same premium feel as the rest of the headphones.


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I’ll start with the earcups first and the padding is subtle and very plush. They’re finished with a man made protein leather, thats almost as good as real leather, but kinder to cows. This protein leather is very soft and I didn’t notice any fatigue from wearing them at all. These are an on ear design which I don’t usually like, but these are great and easily the most comfortable on ears I’ve ever used (if you don’t wear glasses). Now I have to wear glasses when on the PC or reading and usually on ears really aren’t great for those of us that wear glasses and these are no exception. Its no major fault of the headphones, its just a trait of this style of headphones. Onto the headband padding next and again is soft and does a great job of minimizing fatigue whilst wearing them. The headband also does a great job a spreading the headphones weight across your head, again to reduce fatigue. Also clamping force isn’t too strong either, so apart from the glasses issue, they’re great.


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Swipe control – This is located on the right earcup and allows you to change the volume of your track (swipe up and down) it also allows you to change the track your listening to by swiping forwards and backwards. It can be a touch hit and miss, as finding the right area to swipe can be a bit tricky. But when you get used it, it works well.

Motion sense – This is great and works very well. When you take the headphones off and place them on a surface it automatically pauses the track your listening to. When you pick them up and place them back on it resumes from where you left off. And it even works with YouTube too.

Multi functional button – this acts as a play pause, answer calls, pairing and power button, but it does loads of other things too. Pressing and holding the button rejects a call, two presses checks the battery level and provides voice feedback, three presses toggles the LEDs on and off. Finally one long press of about three seconds activates voice search, which works with google search and it works pretty great. These also feature Bluetooth 4.1 and APT-X for higher quality wireless streaming.

Watch the features in action here : Fiil Diva Review

You also have, a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB input for charging and a mic for voice calls. The mic is pretty solid too and you can hold a decent conversation with it.


This is a separate app (FIIL+) that you can download to make controlling your headphones easier and to add extra functions. The app is free to download and works with both iOS and Android.

The app is really simple and easy to use and does a fair few things. Firstly it gives you a real time battery level indicator, this is handy as you can monitor the remaining time left and see when your headphones need topping up. Next you get a basic equaliser and basic is the right term. You get three pre-installed options and that is pretty much it. The first is Bass, which pretty much does what it says on the tin. The second option is original and this keeps the sound profile fairly flat. This was my preffered choice for listening and finally you get treble, which boosts the midrange and higher frequencies. Yes its basic but it works well, still a 5 or even a 10 band option variant would be better.

You then have control for your noise cancelling and you can tailor it based on where you are and what you’re doing. There a few different options to choose from. Firstly there is off, which pretty much turns off noise cancelling. Next is open and this tries to simulate an open back effect, it doesn’t improve the sound but it does a decent job at allowing more ambient noise to creep in to keep you aware of your surroundings. The next option is moni and this does a similar thing to open and is designed to allow you to hold a conversation whilst still listening to music, it works fairly well, but I found that the NC is a bit too aggressive to hold a really clear conversation. The next option is NC mode and this blocks out yet more background noise and if you want the most noise blocking out, this is the option you’d pick. Finally is wind and this basically block out external wind noise in windier environments.

Next is 3D sound, its a bit gimmicky and I never used it but its an option. Again like the noise cancelling there is a few options.

  • Off – Keeps the effect off and is the one I preffered to use
  • Living room – This broadens the sound and does no favours in terms of quality. It tries its best, but just suceeds at adding more echo.
  • Theatre – Again essentially artificially changes the sound, but the end result is not good.
  • Hall – This is the worse one for quality, but if you want to simulate that sort of sound then its an option.


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Noise isolation and leak

Like mentioned previously you can control this via the app and also via a toggle on the headphones too. I found the toggle a little tricky to use when your out and about, so the app was my preffered choice to change the settings.

But the noise cancelling is great, its easily some of the best implemented I’ve ever used and for on ears, it works great. Each different option works well in the given scenario, but I found that NC mode was the best for things like public transport and open was better for busier places, like a shopping centre or a town centre. That way you can still hear your music, but you still remain aware of your surrondings.

Leak is decent too, as long as you don’t listen to them too loud, which with the NC tech you don’t really have to. This would have been improved if the design was over ear, but as they are, they still impressed.

Battery life

Quoted at up to 33 hours at approximately 50% volume. I managed to achieve 31 hours 30 minutes at 60%, so the 33 hours is very plausible. Keep in mind that this is with no noise canceling on. Having that activated will reduce your battery life. Charging time took 2 hours 6 minutes via the USB charging hub I use, but that will vary depending on what you charge them on. But 31 hours is still highly impressive and it will last you a fair while before needing to top up. Plus like I mentioned previously, you can monitor this via the app, so you can easily keep on top of when you need to charge them.

Sound in wireless mode

They go plenty loud and never show any signs of distortion, even when pushed to 80%.

  • Bass – Has great body, presence, weight and depth. Its never overpowering or overwhelming. Its highly detailed, clear, very tight, controlled and plentiful enough to suit all the but the biggest of bass lovers. I personally enjoy bass like this. It has depth and punch, but its not murky or muddy at all.
  • Mids – Have great clarity, in sound separation is highly impressive too, meaning it never gets overwhelmed by complex tracks. Soundstage is capable too, its not as impressive as over ears and a touch narrow, but for on ears and Bluetooth its good. The tone is nice and neutral, detail is pretty great too and surprising considering Bluetooth usually messes up the mids.
  • Vocals – Highly impressive. The tonal quality is superb, its realistic and again have great clarity. They’re also very well handled but a touch soft. Its good, but just lacking impact. I listen to Adele and Rag N Bone man for vocals and it portrayed the vocal nicely, it just couldn’t match the impact that their voices can deliver. By no means does this make them bad, it just means that they’re softer in their approach.
  • Highs – Are well judged, never too intrusive or overwhelming. They’re also not harsh or brittle and again have a slightly softer edge to them.

Overall the sound is nicely balanced with not one area taking complete control of the sound. They are great for most genres and my only slight criticism would be the vocals as I prefer a slightly stronger performance. But again sound preference is a unique trait, so this profile might be just what you’re after.


Overall, the design is lovely, they’re well made, very comfortable if you don’t need glasses, have tonnes of features and the sound quality is the icing on the cake. So if you’re looking for a reasonably priced set of Noise Canceling headphones that tick all the right boxes then these are well worth what they’re being charged for and I easily can recommend them. Yes they have their minor flaws, but what headphones don’t.

Score 9/10

Purchase a pair here:


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